Nutrition is the bedrock of any training program. Aspiring gym goers place huge emphasis on training and very little on nutrition, especially people not bodybuilding or doing physique competition. Runners run, but very seldom do the follow a clean eating regimen. This is a huge mistake, your nutrition always has to be mapped to your training. And the world nowadays is consumed buy dieting and eating less. This is a grave error, the body needs adequate nutrition to run the system effectively.

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Maintenance Eating Plan

If you've achieved your goal of achieving optimal body fat, and muscle tissue levels, and are looking for a maintenance plan that can assist you in maintaining your current condition this would be and ideal eating plan.

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Contest Diet & Training Routine

This is a comprehensive 12 week diet to help you shred for competition, each week is a slightly modified meal plan, depending on results from that week, to ensure continued results.

Additionally we will create a training routine which will assist in bringing up weak areas, and to optimize results through creating an intense training environment. Includes a full assessment.

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Full Assessment & Nutrition Plan

As above, but we include a full consultation going over the science behind the program, and an assessment, which includes body fat test, measurements.

Clean Cuisine

We have partnered with Clean Cuisine to bring clients bespoke tailored meals. These meals are tailored to the individuals diet, based on their goals. The prices are excellent considering the degree of individualization. We design your diet, and Clean Cuisine creates the meals to spec. This ensures that clients get to fast track their results.

Should you require a custom built eating plan, which is designed specifically for your goals, please fill in the form below, and we'll contact you to schedule an assessment.

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