Unique Physique Online Training

Imagine for the first time you had a foolproof way of getting into shape in the shortest time possible! No more insecurities as to if you’re doing the right thing, following the right diet, doing the right exercise. We have developed a color by numbers system, which is so simple, and all it takes is your adherence to the program with results guaranteed!

Results Guaranteed!


Step 1:

Sign up and Login, this will give you access to the desktop and smartphone apps.

Step 2:

We assess you in person or remotely. Based on your time and availability we build a training routine customized to your environment.


Step 3:

We build a precise eating plan for you factoring in all of your goals and parameters, this eating plan will adapt over time, and this is in no way a cookie cutter approach to training and nutrition. It is exact and adapted in response to your results.


Step 4: Weekly or monthly progress photos to log progress, we then assess this progress, either from the photos or from follow up assessments, and make the necessary adjustments as to ensure continued progress!

If you’re ready to get that incredible body you always knew was possible then sign up below!

Hybrid Training

Hybrid Training - Online Training with comprehensive eating and supplement plan, plus once a week or more live one on one sessions Starting from as low as R1300.00/month. In the payment section below you can choose how many live one on one sessions you'll recquire. Recurring monthly subscription until cancelled.

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Hybrid Training

Monthly Recurring Online Training

Monthly Online Training - Online Training plus a Comprehensive Eating and supplement plan for R1000.00 a month. Recurring monthly subscription until cancelled. When you sign up you will be directed to our thank you page, within two days you will receive your Par-Q Questionnaire, waiver, login and app download.

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Once Off 12 Week Training Program

This program includes an eating plan, but is not monitored. Once off payment of R1500.00. When you sign up you will be directed to our thank you page, within two days you will receive your Par-Q Questionnaire, waiver, login and app download.

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Month to Month Online Training

Should you not wish to have a recurring payment option, then this month to month option may be for you. For R1000.00 or $70.00 you'll get your months training and eating set up and monitored.

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Purchase with Payfast for R1000.00


Please note that once you have made your purchase, it’ll take 1 - 2 days to register you on the online training platform and get your eating plans in order. You’ll then be sent a link to the login page and where you can download the app. In the meantime you can send us some snapshots of the facility you train in, which will help us in building your customized routine. Be seeing ya soon!