Performance Tracking


There was a time I thought that simplifying the process would be helpful to clients in enabling them to achieve their goals. Time has shown me the reverse is true, it’s like the old quote goes, in terms of a bacon and egg breakfast. “Are you the chicken or the pig? The chicken is involved, the pig is committed!” I’ve explained to clients, that if your training and eating is an anecdote, you’re not going to be successful. You won’t be successful if you have 3 hours to kill a week and you decide this may be something that could be a fun way to kill time. Getting a slamming body requires a mental investment. I’ve said; you don’t want to be known as the girl with the pretty face, or the person who sweats a lot in winter! How would you want people to describe you? How do you describe yourself? People have coping mechanisms that they need to offload, they justify why they find their body in the condition it is, they really need to see themselves as others see them.


So why performance tracking? I’ve found that my clients who are involved, who look and work on the diet spreadsheet every day, who whatsapp me or log their weight every morning have the most success, because they’re committed and mindful, not just involved!

I’ve built tracking and eating systems which are very powerful when it comes to tracking performance and creating eating protocols.