Testosterone Replacement Therapy

After nearly 30 years of working in the health, wellness and weight loss industry a disturbing trend had come to my attention, men outside of a gym environment appeared to be aging at a more rapid pace. Knowing all too well the benefits that training has on Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone levels, I decided to explore it further. All the current research is pointing to the fact that increased Growth Hormone and Testosterone with subsequently lower Oestrogen and Cortisol can have an amazing effect on retarding the aging process. What's more, there are many new and promising technologies that we have had the good fortune to experiment with first hand. Whilst working with men for general conditioning who had been seeing doctors for TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) I discovered that many doctors are not that proficient in this field, so often times they only replace the testosterone, which 90 percent of the time exacerbates the condition in the long term with deleterious consequences, but with our background of working with extreme athletes we've work firsthand with this particular problem. Good fortune would have it that recently I met Dr Mark Opperman who is a Medical Doctor and Aesthetics Specialist, So with Dr Mark Opperman, Dante Laudati and Myself, we started The-T-Clinic to give men of any age a spring in their step again. It's never too late to start over. For enquiries, you may email or call me, or alternatively visit  The-T-Clinic homepage.

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