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Good Personal Trainers are hard to find, we've had many over the years, we've learned how to vet them, so finally we feel confident in our team of trainers, they've chosen this as their career as opposed to many school leavers who view it as a filler. If you're looking for a change in lifestyle and body, schedule an appointment, and start working towards the body you desire. It's never too late to start.

As of the 1st of November 2017, Sheriff Training Systems will be operating from Unique Physique, this will prove to be a powerful combo in achieving your physique and wellness goals.


Glen Krog

Owner and Operator of Unique Physique since 2001 Contact
Glen: 0832810839
Email : glen@uniquephysique.co.za

Unique Physique Personal Training

Personal training starts at R2600.00 per month!

Lisa Krog

Owner and Operator of Unique Physique since 2001
Contact Lisa: 0832867655
Email : lisa@uniquephysique.co.za

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Damian Krog

Specializing in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing and Self Defense, as well Fat Loss and Body Conditioning. Contact
Damian: 0726688134
Email : damiankr@mweb.co.za


Sarah Lotter

Contact Monica: 0823263322 Email : sarahh@sherifftraining.co.za : www.dynamitetraining.co.za/

Sarah Lotter is a Biokineticist, One on One Trainer and Online Fitness Coach. She has practiced for over 14 years, currently working in Johannesburg where she works together with her company Dynamite and other affiliate trainers with Sheriff Training Systems, the online coaching platform

Her specialities lie in assisting corporate and lifestyle clients whether working through injuries or not, obtain a balanced healthy and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle through wholsitic coaching, training, the correct mealplans and supplementation.

She has been sporty her whole life, receiving many accolades under her belt, most notably her back to back comrades medals and wins in body building and showjumping shows

SHERIFF TRAINING SYSTEMS Please view this video for more information regarding my Online Coaching Services https://youtu.be/Mq9mfA3COOw

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Jean-Pierre Meyer

Contact: Jean-Pierre: 0825562207
Email : jean.pierre.meyer.92@gmail.com

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Sibusiso Kotelo

2017- IFBB SA champs super heavy weight champ
STS - Sheriff Training Systems
Contact Sibusiso:0815577221 Email : info@sibusisokotelo.com

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Zea Meyer

STS - Sheriff Training Systems
Contact Zea: 0824029545 Email : zeam@sherifftraining.co.za

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